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Zombirdz is now available on Google Play!

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The birds are infected!

Birds across the world are becoming infected. Your mission is to return eggs to the safety of their nest whilst at the same time eliminating as many Zombirdz as possible.

During your fight for life you must collect as many cherries as possible, these can be exchanged for items to increase your chances of survival.

Egg In Nest

Save the Eggs -

the chicks are our future

Get the eggs into a nest before they become infected. This is a race against time. The faster you get them to safety the more points scored.

The Five Stages Of Infection

Collect Cherries

Survival will be difficult but not impossible without them

Zom trophies

  • For every trophy you get a cherry
  • 3 trophies for a game you win a rosette

Free Gifts

Spin to win up to 80 cherries


Collect rosettes to win bonus cherries

In the Shop

Buy a small, large, huge or mega nest full of cherries


Cherries are doubled for highscores

Watch an Add

Watch a video if you want and get 30 cherries!

To Kill a Zombird

Attack from above to win - Attack from below to die!


Live - don't die

The Cast

Some of the characters in the game

Reviews (fake)

"5 stars - the best game of 2018!"

Bill - Beverages and Snacks technician